To my mind an educational institute is not just about walls made of bricks, mortar and concrete, but about building character and providing, enriching experiences that last a lifetime. NKBR Academy is a place where students are encouraged to say “I see it, I get it, I can do it” It is more about opening students mind and self expiration.
To respond effectively and creatively to crying needs of today's society we focus on an educational program which revolves around equipping our students with such qualities of head and heart that they confidently plunge into any fields of activity which is socially useful and intellectually elevating.
My vision as Principal is to make NKBR Academy not just a school but a family in which the educational community, the management staff, students, parents work united to foster this family spirit, which promoter collaboration and co-operation leading to a human family of peace and harmony. I hope this effort of ours will serve as a stepping stone towards the many mile stones we have to cover in pursuit of excellence. God bless you, NKBR Academy and all those who labour untiringly to keep you moving ahead on the path of progress.